A New Way to Get Sober is Finally Here

A Recovery Coach is someone who is in long-term recovery and has been trained to help others. They have hundreds of hours of training and can help you by sharing their stories, helping you in recovery, setting goals, monitoring progress, and offering support along your recovery journey. They can help you with resources for jobs, housing, health care, education, and more!
Now available 24/7/365

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Why Sober Grid Coaching?

We use evidence-based peer recovery coaching in order to be there whenever and wherever you need us.


Getting the most out of recovery by working with a recovery coach.


Safety is important. Coaching is Secure and confidential (HIPAA Compliant).


Affordable 24/7 support from those who understand.

How it works?

Recovery Coaching is a service available on the Sober Grid mobile application.

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Sober Grid

Free iOS/Android app that connects you with other sober people. You are instantly connected to a global sober community in your neighborhood and around the globe. You can build strong sober support networks and inspire others.

Connect with Coaches

We connect you with coaches that have lived and breathed what you or your loved one is going through. We are here at the right time and place, whenever you need and want it.

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Coaching feature mobile snapshot
Make Progress

We are an active participant and contributor as you make progress on your journey upward and onward.

Find The Perfect Plan

Take a look at our available plans and select the one that best suits you or your loved one’s needs. Send an Email to community@sobergrid.com to cancel your subscription.